Michigan Still sucks

The name is Will. I live in Michigan and I'm you're average, nineteen year old genderqueer (they/them pronouns), pansexual, pale skinned Hispanic Anarcha-Feminist coping with PTSD, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and in recovery from heroin addiction and alcoholism. I have been meaning to write more about what's on my mind on here but I am still trying to figure out what's going on in there, so bear with the strange assortments of pictures and ranting.


Idk whats happenings. But here.

Look at this pretty girl sing she’s hella rad

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Posted on 30 August, 2014
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Last person you kissed?

Skaagz. About eighty million fuckin times today

Posted on 29 August, 2014

Posted on 26 August, 2014
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willyhobo has my heart

I have skaagzs heart


willyhobo has my heart

I have skaagzs heart

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Posted on 23 August, 2014
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"I’ve been thinking lately, about you and me. About what’s going to happen to us in the end. We’re going to kill each other, aren’t we?"

Art by Brian Bolland
Script by Alan Moore

Posted on 22 August, 2014
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Two ways of dealing with tear gas grenades from comrades in Turkey: Either submerge them in water. Make sure you can close off the container cause the gas will still spread for a while. Or throw them in the fire so the gas burns off before it can spread.

Posted on 20 August, 2014
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Do you have a crush on anyone?

That’d be silly wouldn’t it

Posted on 20 August, 2014

What beverage do you drink most often?


Posted on 18 August, 2014

Do you prefer men or women more sexually? Have you been with both?

I have been with both. In the grand scheme of things I honestly cannot make a preference to either, I am attracted to any gender identity pretty close to an equal amount

Posted on 17 August, 2014


Palestinians are coming to the aid of Ferguson

Palestinian activists are taking to Twitter with their support and some cases, helpful tips on dealing with things like tear gas.

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Posted on 14 August, 2014
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